‘Cookies First!’

(an Exceptional cookie Co.)


The idea for “Cookies First” came into

being after a leisurely lunch with friends

in a cafe/bookstore while wintering in

Beaufort, South Carolina in 2007. As usual

after any meal, I wanted something sweet

and ideally, something Chocolate.

‘The Firehouse Cafe’ had just the thing!

Sitting under glass were the quintessential

cookies; large chocolate mounds that

offered all the pleasure of a brownie with

only the guilt of a cookie. Each of us ate two

and then we bought half a dozen to take

home with us. Sadly, ‘The Firehouse Cafe’

is no longer in business, but that incredible

cookie inspired me to start my own cookie

business. Back in Ontario, I started baking.                    

Welcome to ‘Cookies First’ from ‘An Exceptional Cookie Company’

(cookies made with the finest ingredients with no added preservatives).

To view the VARIETIES of cookies available, to check PRICES, or to CONTACT ME,  just click on the appropriate heading at the top of the page.


‘Cookies First’ is part of a larger enterprise called ‘An Exceptional Cookie Company’. Although I prepare a variety of baked goods, from cheddar cheese biscuits to wildly flavorful coconut cakes, it is always, ‘Cookies First!’

Origin of ‘Cookies First’